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Dental Laser and Implant Clinic 

Revolutionise Periodontal Care & Advanced Implant Dentistry

Our Specialized Treatment

Dental Implant

Since the discovery of the ‘osseointegration’ of titanium and bone in the 1950s, sophisticated and permanent dental implants have been developed and the popularity of dental implants has been increasing over the years at a rapid rate. It is expected that this rate will rapidly increase within the next decade; largely due to consumer awareness. People are feeling crooked or decaying teeth are simply not acceptable anymore.

REVO Periocare – Laser Gum Treatment

Periodontitis gum disease or pyorrhoea is a bacterial infection of the tissues that support the teeth, which are

a. Bone,

b. Periodontal ligament,

c. Gingiva and

d. Cementum in the root of teeth

These are the tissues that are responsible for holding the teeth stable within the jaw bone.

Periodontitis is a disease which if uncontrolled / treated can lead to serious consequences such as loose teeth, bad breath, loss of multiple teeth and thereby compromising the quality of life. Periodontitis has also been proven to be associated with / can lead to heart conditions, poor control of diabetes, neurological conditions etc

It is crucial to intervene early and seek professional support from qualified professionals.

Our Dentist

Dr Dix Premsingh Prasath

Principal Dentist

BDS (India), MSc – Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry (U Manchester), MSc – Implant Dentistry (U Warwick), Fellowship in Laser Dentistry (Eastman Dental Institute, London in collaboration with Genoa University, Italy)

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Patients Recommending


Having suffered gum disease for many years and after being told by my regular dentist there was nothing more he could do to save my teeth , I researched and found Lovesmile dental practice were offering laser treatment for this condition. After a consultation with Dr Dix Premsingh Prasath, he prescribed a deep clean and one session of laser treatment. This he did in April 2021. Remarkably this treatment worked. Now 16 months later my gums are healthy. the pockets have reduced and my teeth have firmed up. I am delighted with the result and would certainly recommend Dr Dix who is a thoroughly professional and caring practitioner.
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